Height Adjustable Workstations

Creative Systems offers a wide variety of locally manufactured Height Adjustable Workstations and supplies other Sit to Stand Solutions. 

Many of our height adjustable workstations are manufactured locally the rest are, assembled, supplied and installed by Creative Systems in SA.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not healthy for our bodies. There is growing research that promotes the benefits of having the option to change from sitting to standing during the working day. Some of the benefits reported are burning calories and metabolic benefits (reduction in the chances of diabetes and heart disease). The key point is freedom of choice!

We offer a diverse range of standard and custom made Sit to Stand Solutions. The following is a snap shot of what we can supply.

• Programmable height adjustable frames with electronic display (Made in SA)
• Height adjustable frames with crank handles
• Rear desk mounted systems
• Front desk mounted systems