Acoustic Solutions

Creative Systems offers a wide variety of acoustic solutions. Acoustic panels and devices can be used for offices, libraries, educational facilities, cafe's and many more locations.

Many of our acoustic solutions are manufactured locally using Australian and imported products the rest are, assembled, supplied and installed by Creative Systems in SA.

There are various manufacturers and types of acoustic solutions available, many are made in Australia. Acoustic panels can be built into the office partitions manufactured by Creative Systems. We can laser cut some panels to various patterns and shapes.

We can help you select and install the best solution for your environment.

We offer a diverse range of standard and custom made products. The following is a snap shot of what we can supply. please contact us for details.
Wall and Screen Mounted Panels and Fabrics:
• EchoPanel
• Quietspace Cube
• Ecoustic
• Hex Tile
• Mura Tiles
• Quietspace 3D Tiles
• Ecoustic
Self Contained Panels:
• Mura Tile Susp. System
• EchoPanel Paling
• EchoPanel Wrap
• Flap
• Mitesco