About Us

Creative Systems
Creative Systems is a SA based innovative commercial furniture retailer and manufacturer. Creative Systems was
established in 2010. We are associated with a group of national and international independent companies who
manufacture commercial office furniture. Our office partitions are manufactured and distributed throughout Australia, NZ and the United Arab Emirates.

Creative Systems works in partnership with many local South Australian, Australian and NZ companies to create exceptional outcomes for you.

Paul Teasdale - Managing Director / Owner
As a mechanical engineer Paul has over 19 years of experience in strategic planning, designing spaces for customers and project management.
He is a natural strategic planner who is motivated, visionary, systematic and thrives on solving complex problems.
Paul has worked for hundreds of companies as the managing director of Creative Systems and as a consulting engineer working within the manufacturing engineering, lean manufacturing and project management fields. He enjoys meeting new clients and creating innovative solutions to their problems.
Paul is a strong advocate for South Australian manufacturing. Where possible Paul, his family and his company supports South Australian and Australian companies.
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - University of Adelaide