Creative Systems provides commercial office furniture design, selection, manufacturing and retail solutions for government, interior architecture/design and commercial enterprises who care where and how their furniture is made.

We provide high quality, short lead time, cost effective serviced based solutions. We:
-Help design office spaces
-Facilitate furniture solutions
-Service, repair & reconfigure

We work with you to develop ergonomic office solutions 

We project manage jobs with you from the design concept through to the final installation and handover so you don’t have any issues because there is always one point of contact. We manufacture office furniture locally and support other local SA manufacturers this gives you more choice of finishes and customisation. It also benefits the environment and the local economy.

We’re with you for the life of your fitout. We provide you with exceptional after sales service. We can help you plan and reconfigure your office as your business grows.

Supporting local industry
We manufacture, assemble, supply and install commercial furniture from local and imported products. 

For more information see our SA product register page.

  • To make buying locally manufactured commercial furniture easy. This helps the community grow via the multiplier effect

  • Grow the local manufacturing industry
  • Exceptional quality and service
  • Leader in the commercial furniture industry
  • Customer and supplier engagement
  • Ergonomically designed furniture and acoustic solutions
  • Shortest industry lead times

Core Values

  • Integrity:  Say what you mean, mean what you say. Work hard regardless of who is or isn't watching
  • Respect:  For all stakeholders, especially the environment
  • Collaborate:  Work with all stakeholders to create beautiful solutions
  • People:  Grow our people and help the community grow through our choices
  • Local:  We believe in supporting locally manufactured products
  • Passion:  Create first class solutions with passion and creativity